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Without Eggs, Strict PKD (No Allowances)

Halloween Jellies

Introduction & Inspiration

Halloween jellies are lots of fun to prepare, and make a great addition to hot dishes like soups or stews. They can make your meals decidedly spooky, while all the while adding a tremendous depth of flavour to your culinary delights!

They are also frighteningly easy to prepare, so bring your wobbly Halloween Jellies to the party!

X Nic

Recipe Overview

Preparation Time

Less than 30 minutes

(To Note: The Halloween Jellies will need to be placed in the fridge, for several hours or ideally overnight).

Cooking Time

Less than 30 minutes

Serving Size

6 x Halloween Jellies

Main Ingredients:

300ml Oxtail Cooking Juices

Salt To Taste

Recipe Instructions

Make the oxtail cooking juices as per the recipe instructions. Allow the juices to set in the fridge to form a layer of cooking juice underneath and a layer of oxtail fat on top.


*Remove most of the fat from the top of the cooking juices, so that your Halloween jellies will have a tiny layer of fat to contrast the darker jelly colour when fully set.


Place the cooking juices and a small amount of oxtail fat into a pan on low heat with some salt and melt into a liquid.


Divide the liquid evenly between the Halloween Jelly moulds. Place tray in the fridge until the Halloween Jellies have fully set.


When you are ready to serve them, briefly place them in the freezer (10 minutes or so. This will make them nice and firm, so that you can remove the jellies easily from their moulds without them breaking if you have more intricate Halloween mould patterns).

Happy Halloween!


Ideally, purchase your meat and fat from pasture raised animals that are Nitrate, Nitrite & Additive Free and use white sea salt or rock salt that contains no anticaking agents or other additives.

For slightly sweet Halloween Jellies, add a small amount of honey to the pan on low heat and stir until all the honey has melted in the cooking juices. 

Check out my Oxtail - Slow Cooker recipe for instructions on how to make the oxtail cooking juices.

If you do not have any oxtail cooking juices, substitute with a very gelatinous bone broth or with beef cheek cooking juices. It just needs to be thick enough to set once refrigerated.


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