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When I am on the move, I like to use my time productively and often listen to some of my favourite health and wellness related podcasts. The podcasts are hosted by health professionals with a substantial amount of experience behind them and who are brave enough to speak about health related topics which you will never hear discussed in mainstream medicine.

I hope you will enjoy listening to them as much as I do.

Dr. Shawn Baker

This is one of my favourite podcasts right now. I listen to it most days when I am out and about in the car with the kids. The podcast is hosted by Dr Shawn Baker, a highly regarded orthopedic surgeon with more than 30 years of experience. For those unfamiliar with Dr Baker he is a strong advocate of the carnivore diet. The podcast shares interviews with both VIP guests, as well as regular folks from all walks of life that have overcome a whole host of very serious medical conditions using the carnivore diet. These stories are truly inspiring and life changing, and help reinforce the power that species appropriate nutrition can have on human health.


Two episodes well worth listening to, among the many brilliant episodes available, are:

The Plant Free MD

For those not familiar with Dr Anthony Chaffee who presents this podcast, he’s an American medical doctor and Neurosurgical resident who, over a span of 20+ years, has researched the optimal nutrition for human performance and health. It is his assertion that most of the so-called chronic diseases we treat as doctors are caused by the food we eat, or don't eat, and can be reversed with dietary changes to a species specific diet. Dr Anthony Chaffee has been on a carnivore diet for many years now and has seen the health benefits for himself,  his loved ones and his patients. The podcast is very rich in good quality information, referencing numerous studies and includes special guest speakers as well as regular people who have overcome a plethora of serious health conditions and who share their stories. I love how Dr Chaffee sticks to facts, not fiction and strives to share his knowledge, time and ongoing research work with listeners regarding health and proper nutrition for the betterment of society.


One of the many episodes I highly recommend you listen to is Episode 84: Treating Cancer, Autoimmune Diseases, and More with Diet for Over a Decade with Dr. Zsófia Clemens

Peak Human

Peak Human takes an unbiased look at health & nutrition. With so much conflicting information available, filmmaker (Food Lies) and health coach Brian Sanders sifts through the dogma and provides a framework that unifies all nutrition and dietary habits that lead to optimum health. World renowned doctors, researchers, and journalists are interviewed to find out what is the true human dietary framework that we should all be eating to live well and free of chronic disease. It is based around principles of nutrient density and uses a combination of ancestral health and modern science.


Of particular interest is episode #52 Dr. Zsofia Clemens on How to Cure Almost Any Modern Disease Without Medicine

Dr Ken Berry

The Proper Human Diet podcast is presented by a family physician, Dr Ken Berry, who has over 20 years of clinical experience and has treated over 25,000 patients during his career. I find Dr Berry is amazing at getting straight to the point and is able to condense complex medical information and conditions into plain talk that regular individuals can use to stay healthy and happy.  He focuses on numerous topics that all centre around how you can use your diet and your lifestyle to get the health you want. His episodes look at low carb/ketogenic/carnivore diets, intermittent fasting, thyroid health, hormone optimization, and much more. Dr. Ken Berry wants us all to be aware that much of what our doctors say may be a lie. Maybe not an outright malicious lie, but much of what "we" believe in medicine can be traced back to word-of-mouth teachings without a scientific basis. I love that Dr Berry is thorough with his research and sticks to facts, not fiction.

Carnivore Conversations

The Carnivore Conversations podcast really delves deep into how a keto/carnivore diet can help with improving a wide range of complex health issues. Dr Kiltz, MD who hosts the podcast is a board certified and practicing Reproductive Endocrinologist who discusses a whole host of health related subjects with various inspiring guest speakers in the keto and carnivore community.


One great episode that you should definitely check out is episode #46 Dr. Zsófia Clemens who is a neurobiologist and clinical researcher from Hungary.


Dr. Zsófia Clemens is the director of the International Center for Medical Nutritional Intervention (ICMNI) in Hungary. Dr. Clemens is at the forefront of using the paleolithic ketogenic diet (PKD) to treat chronic illnesses.

The Red Pill Buddhas

Phil Escott is an autoimmunity and metabolic disease consultant, personal trainer, novelist and drummer who has spent many years in the health and fitness industry, running a gym, writing for many magazines and training hundreds of clients successfully. Due to a crippling bout of inflammatory arthritis in 2010, which he reversed by natural means, further intense study revealed many “secrets” of healing normally hidden behind the misleading conventional medical and “health” dogma. Phil Escott seems to be a very down to earth guy, that has gone through his fair share of health struggles and now shares his knowledge in a very witty way, to help others attain their health and happiness goals.


One episode that is well worth a listen is Episode #29 The Ultimate Autoimmunity interview with Dr. Zsófia Clemens.

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