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Regime Type:

Without Eggs, PKD (With Allowances)

Ghostly Steak

Introduction & Inspiration

It's not Halloween if there's no ghostly steak on the horizon ;-) Dress your steak up in its Halloween best and be amazed how ghoulishly good it tastes!

Happy Halloween!

X Nic

Recipe Overview

Preparation Time

Less than 30 minutes

Cooking Time

Less than 30 minutes

Serving Size

1 x Ghoulish Steak

Main Ingredients:

145g Chateaubriand Steak

40g Greaves Pâté Frosting- Ghost Shape - Cherries (eyes) Parma ham (mouth)

10g Pork Crackling

Salt To Taste

Recipe Instructions

Heat up the grill and once up to temperature, add the steak.


Once the steak is almost cooked to your liking, add the pork crackling bits to the grill to briefly heat them up.


Remove the steak from the grill and place it in the centre of a warm plate. Surround the steak with the bits of hot crackling. Add a touch of seasoning to the steak, before placing your ghost shape on top of the steak.


Happy Halloween and Bon Appétit!


Ideally, purchase your meat and fat from pasture raised animals that are Nitrate, Nitrite & Additive Free and use white sea salt or rock salt that contains no anticaking agents or other additives.


Check out my Greaves Pâté Frosting and Lard and Pork Crackling - Air Fryer recipes for instructions on how to make these.

If you do not have any Greaves Pâté Frosting available, substitute with lard or tallow or whipped bone marrow for example.


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