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Regime Type:

PKD (With Allowances)

Egg Broth Gravy

Introduction & Inspiration

This Egg Broth Gravy has a silky smooth texture and tastes almost 'buttery'. The bright colour is so pretty and is perfect if you're wanting to use it to make cute little shapes for decorating cakes and buns for various special occasions. It will set lovely in the fridge thanks to the addition of a small amount of pork jelly.

So go on and make this flavourful gravy! It will add that extra special touch to your culinary delights.

Bon appétit! 😊

Recipe Overview

Preparation Time

Less than 30 minutes

Cooking Time

Less than 30 minutes

Serving Size

175ml Egg Broth Gravy

Main Ingredients:

100ml Bone Broth

40g Oven Roasted Bone Marrow

30ml Egg Yolk

30g Pork Jelly Cubes (Optional)*)

Salt To Taste

Recipe Instructions

Add the bone broth, pork jelly cubes (if using), oven roasted bone marrow and salt to a pan on medium heat.


Once the pork jelly cubes (if using) have melted and the bone marrow is nice and soft, place the ingredients into a blender and blend until smooth.


Pour the egg yolk into a bowl. Slowly add small amounts of the blender mixture into the bowl. Stir the bone broth mixture well into the egg yolk until it has been fully incorporated. Add a little more of the mixture and repeat as before, until all the bone broth mixture is now mixed into the egg yolk.


Perform a quick taste test to ensure no further seasoning is required. Add any additional salt as required and stir in.


Pour the gravy into a serving jug and you're ready to go!


*The pork jelly is optional. If you add it, the gravy will set in the fridge when cold, and can make nice, colourful jelly shapes for buns and cakes or jelly like toppings for other ingredients such as liver. See my Liver Jellies recipe.


Be sure to use free range, organic eggs. Whether you can eat eggs may depend on your condition, medical history, the time you have been doing PKD and your health goals. If you're unsure, please consult with ICMNI in Hungary (Home - Nutriintervention).


Ideally, purchase your fat from pasture raised animals that are Nitrate, Nitrite & Additive Free and use white sea salt or rock salt that contains no anticaking agents or other additives.


Check out my Bone Broth - Pressure Cooker, Oven Roasted Bone Marrow and Pork Jelly Cubes recipes for instructions on how to make all of these.


Use the Recipe Search functionality on the website to discover how to incorporate Egg Broth Gravy into various dishes.


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