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Regime Type:

PKD (With Allowances)

Brainy Milkshake

Introduction & Inspiration

Share this brainy milkshake on Halloween for a mind blowing treat! It's creamy and delicious and scarily easy to make.

Go wild and try it out. It's spookily good!

Happy Halloween!

X Nic

Recipe Overview

Preparation Time

Less than 30 minutes

Cooking Time

Less than 30 minutes

Serving Size

350ml Brainy Milkshake (serves 2)

Main Ingredients:

100g Egg and Brain Ice Cream

250ml Bone Broth


Crispy Parma Ham Flakes

Recipe Instructions

Make the Egg and Brain ice cream as per recipe instructions and freeze for 24 hours, before making the ice cream in your Ninja Creami device.


Place the ice cream into an empty Ninja Creami pot along with the bone broth and choose 'Milkshake'.


When the Program ends, remove the pot from the machine.


Pour your brainy milkshake into a Halloween mug, add a couple of glass straws and sprinkle some crispy Parma ham flakes over the top.


Share your creamy brain milkshake with someone special.


Happy Halloween!



Check out my Egg and Brain Ice Cream, Bone Broth - Pressure Cooker and Crispy Parma Ham Flakes recipes for instructions on how to make all these.

Be sure to use free range, organic eggs to make the ice cream. Whether you can eat eggs may depend on your condition, medical history, the time you have been doing PKD and your health goals. If you're unsure, please consult with ICMNI in Hungary (Home - Nutriintervention).


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