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PKD (With Allowances)

Beef Tripe Pancakes & Waffles

Introduction & Inspiration

My goal was to create an easy pancake or waffle batter recipe, without all the flour, sugar and milk nasties. Give these a try, I think you'll like them!

With a touch of added honey, the batter is perfect for those moments of indulgence when you desire a slightly sweeter taste.

Recipe Overview

Preparation Time

Less than 30 minutes

Cooking Time

Less than 30 minutes

Serving Size

2 x Pancakes (using 1/2 the batter)

2 x Waffles (using 1/2 the batter)

Main Ingredients


3 Egg Yolks

105g Pressure Cooked Beef Tripe

75ml Bone Broth

45g Tallow or Lard

1/8 tsp Salt (optional for a savoury version)

5g Honey - (optional for a slightly sweeter version)



2 x Pancakes:

30g Liver Parfait

30 g Pork Tenderloin Leftovers- cut into thin strips

2 tsp Apple Sauce (made using Organic apples)

10g Tallow - Grated


2 x Waffles:

50g Oxtail Leftovers

15g Tallow - Grated

Recipe Instructions

Batter Instructions:

Add the Pressure Cooked Beef Tripe,  bone broth and tallow to a pan, with a pinch of salt (optional).

Place the pan on a low heat and mix often until all of the tallow has melted.

Remove the pan from the heat and carefully pour the contents into a high-speed blender and blend for 20-30 seconds until the mixture is nice and smooth. Allow the mixture to cool down slightly.

Meanwhile, separate the egg whites from the egg yolks and place the egg yolks in a glass bowl.

Use an electric  hand whisk or a manual whisk and beat the eggs for a minute or so.

Once the tripe mixture has cooled down slightly, slowly pour a very small amount of it into the egg mixture and whisk until well incorporated.

Continue to add small amounts of the tripe mixture at a time into the eggs while whisking.

Once all the mixture has been incorporated, split the batter into 2 separate bowls. Add a little honey to one bowl for a slightly sweeter pancake or waffle (Optional).

For 2 x Pancakes:

Heat up a small amount of tallow in a non stick frying pan (suitable for making pancakes) on medium heat. Once the tallow has melted, use a pastry brush to ensure the entire surface of the frying pan has been coated fully with the melted tallow.

You can now simply pour in half the contents of 1 bowl, into the centre of the frying pan.

Allow the pancake to cook for a minute or so, before flipping the pancake over with a spatula.

Allow the pancake to cook for a further minute or so and then remove the pancake on to a serving plate.

Repeat the process to make the second pancake using the remaining 1/2 of the batter in the bowl.

Add the topping options described below or something else that you fancy.

For 2 x Waffles:

Grease the waffle plates with tallow or lard using a pastry brush.

Switch on the waffle maker and allow it to heat up.

Once the waffle maker is ready to use, pour half of the contents of the 'batter' in the 2nd bowl on to one plate of the waffle maker and the other half onto the other plate (if your machine only makes one waffle at a time, then just repeat the process).

Close the waffle maker lid and check every minute or so, to ensure the waffle is cooked to your liking.

Remove the waffles and place them on to a serving plate.

Add the topping options described below or something else that you fancy.


I chose to top my pancakes with Liver Parfait which I spread over the bases. I then added a few strips of cooked Pork Tenderloin, a small dollop of homemade apple sauce and some grated tallow.


For the waffles, I simply added some Slow Cooker Oxtail to the waffle bases and then grated some cold tallow over the top.


Check out my Bone Broth - Pressure Cooker, Liver Parfait and Oxtail - Slow Cooker recipes for instructions on how to make these.

Use a metal pastry circle placed in the centre of the pan to get a nice clean shape for your pancakes when you pour in the batter. You can lift this out after 20-30 seconds once the batter isn't as runny.


Be sure to use free range, organic eggs. Whether you can eat eggs may depend on your condition, medical history, the time you have been doing PKD and your health goals. If you're unsure, please consult with ICMNI in Hungary (Home - Nutriintervention).

Experiment with different savoury or slightly sweeter topping combinations.  Adding a tiny touch of honey to the batter can work really well for the sweeter topping ingredients.

Try and use white sea salt or rock salt that contains no anticaking agents or other additives.

PKD Note: The apple sauce and honey should be of organic quality, and are only recommended for those who have recovered from any kind of health condition. Also, ideally purchase meat from pasture raised sources.


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