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Without Eggs, Strict PKD (No Allowances)

Beef Short Ribs

Introduction & Inspiration

These beef short ribs were just so amazingly succulent. The beef ribs were cooked low and slow overnight, creating the most tender and flavoursome meat experience. It was a really treat for the taste buds!

I hope you'll give this method of cooking beef short ribs a try. It doesn't disappoint!

X Nic

Recipe Overview

Preparation Time

Less than 30 minutes

Cooking Time

14 Hours - Slow Cooker (on LOW)

Serving Size

Beef Short Ribs

Main Ingredients:

Beef Short Ribs*

700ml Bone Broth**

Tallow or Lard for searing

Salt to Taste

For Valentine's Day

Serve with a Tallow/Lard or Bone Marrow Heart Shape

Recipe Instructions

In the slow cooker, add the tallow and set the slow cooker to Sear mode.


Sear the beef short ribs on all sides until slightly browned. Use a pair of kitchen tongs to help turn the beef short ribs over.


Pour the bone broth over the top of the beef short ribs.


Place the lid on the slow cooker and set to Vent on the lid.


Set the Time to 14 hours on LOW (or 12 hours + 2, if there is a maximum time limit on your device).


After 14 hours, open the lid and check whether the meat is falling apart easily from the bone.


Remove the beef short ribs and fat cap from the slow cooker and place in the centre of a warm serving plate. Season with a little salt and drizzle over some of the cooking juices.

For special occasions, serve with a little heart shape on top, made of animal fat.




*I highly recommend you fill your slow cooker with as many beef short ribs as will fit in the container so that the whole family can experience the culinary delight of slow cooked beef short ribs.

Save the beef short rib bones as they are great for making even more gelatinous bone broth. Check out my Bone Broth - Pressure Cooker recipe for instructions on how to make this.


Ideally, purchase your meat from pasture raised animals that are Nitrate, Nitrite & Additive Free.


**Ensure you add a good amount of broth. Add more if you are cooking a lot of beef ribs. The broth created is just delicious.

If you have a chance before serving this tasty dish, take a ladle and pour some of the beef short rib cooking juices into a pan on medium-high heat with a pinch of salt. As the temperature increases, the cooking juices will start to reduce down over several minutes. Stir from time to time, to see how thick your sauce is becoming. Perform a quick taste test to see if the sauce has the intensity you're looking for. (The more the water has been boiled off and the liquid reduced down, the great the flavour profile of the sauce will be). Once you are happy with the sauce consistency, carefully pour the sauce from the pan into a serving jug ready for use.

As a final touch, add a heart shape of animal fat (tallow/lard or bone marrow for example) on top of the meat to serve for special occasions like Valentine's Day. Add the amount that will ensure a good PKD ratio, depending on how fatty your beef short ribs are.


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