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Regime Type:

Without Eggs, Strict PKD (No Allowances)

Beef And Lamb Soup

Introduction & Inspiration

This soup makes for a nice hearty dish on a cold winter’s day, or just about any day actually! I find that the lamb kidney has a similar texture, look and mouthfeel to mushrooms when cooked, but with much more to offer!

The soup is very tasty, satisfying and so easy to prepare.


X Nic

Recipe Overview

Preparation Time

Less than 30 minutes

Cooking Time

Less than 30 minutes

Serving Size

1 x Beef And 'Mushroom' Soup

Main Ingredients:

75g Beef - Freshly Minced

75g Lamb - Freshly Minced

50g Lamb Kidney

70g Whipped Bone Marrow (Reserve 2 teaspoons for decoration)

150ml Bone Broth

40g Eskimo Smoked Mangalica Dwarf Sausage (or similar)

Salt To Taste

Sprig Parsley or Dill (Optional)

Recipe Instructions

Wash the lamb kidney under running water and then pat it dry with a paper towel.


On a wooden chopping board, chop the sausage into small cubes, and then chop the lamb kidney into mushroom shaped bits.


In a frying pan on medium-heat, fry the cubes of sausage. After 3 minutes add the minced lamb and beef to the frying pan and continue to cook until the meat is almost cooked. Add a pinch of salt and then pour in the bone broth and add the pieces of lamb kidney. Stir all the ingredients well together. Turn down the heat slightly, stir from time to time and cook for a further 5-6 minutes or until the lamb kidney is done.


Perform a taste test to ensure the mixture has enough seasoning.


Slowly incorporate the whipped bone marrow into the frying pan mixture and gently stir in with a spatula.


Pour the soup into a bowl, top with the remaining Whipped Bone Marrow and a sprig of parsley or dill (optional).




Check out my Whipped Bone Marrow and Bone Broth - Pressure Cooker recipes for instructions on how to make these.


If you are able to tolerate egg yolks, then why not whisk an egg yolk with the bone marrow. If you decide to do this, use a ladle to pour a tiny amount of the hot broth from the pan into the egg mixture and stir until the broth has been fully incorporated. Finally add the egg mixture into the beef, lamb, kidney and sausage ingredients in the pan and stir well so that everything is fully combined.


Garnish the soup with fresh dill or parsley and serve nice and hot whenever you want a nutrient boost!

Any ingredients listed as Optional, may or may not be appropriate if you are following Strict PKD with No Allowances. If you are unsure, refer to the Paleolithic Ketogenic Diet Rules document or consult with ICMNI in Hungary (Home - Nutriintervention).


Ideally, purchase your meat from pasture raised animals that are Nitrate, Nitrite & Additive Free and use white sea salt or rock salt that contains no anticaking agents or other additives.


Any herbs should be of organic quality, and are only recommended for those who have recovered from any kind of health condition.


Eskimo Smoked Mangalica Dwarf Sausage is a traditional homemade smoked sausage made simply with sea salt and pork, allowing the full flavour of the Mangalica-Duroc pork to shine through. It's also a perfect food for those with allergies or food sensitivities due to the absence of any spices. For best results do not overcook it (it can also be eaten raw).  You can order this, and other wonderful products, from Eskimo Kitchen in Hungary:



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