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Bacon and Bacon Fat - Smoked

Introduction & Inspiration

The fat from cooking Smoked Mangalica Kolozsvari Bacon is truly wonderful and intense, and the bacon crisps up beautifully in the pan.

I love sourcing my Smoked Mangalica Kolozsvari Bacon from Eskimo Kitchen in Hungary as it's not only delicious but it's also nitrate and nitrite free.

You must give this bacon a try!

X Nic

Recipe Overview

Preparation Time

Less than 30 minutes

Cooking Time

Less than 30 minutes

Serving Size

Smoked Mangalica Kolozsvari Bacon

Bacon Fat

Main Ingredients:

Smoked Mangalica Kolozsvari Bacon

Recipe Instructions

Place your Smoked Mangalica Kolozsvari Bacon on a chopping board and cut off some thick slices.

On a medium heat, add slices to a large frying pan.

Place a grease splatter screen over the top of your frying pan.

Allow the slices to cook and release the fat during the cooking process.

Periodically pour off the fat into a bacon grease/fat container.

Turn the Smoked Mangalica Kolozsvari Bacon over from time to time as well, until cooked to your desired level of doneness.

Remove the bacon into a glass dish using kitchen tongs.

Pour any remaining rendered fat off into the container, and store it either in the fridge or on the countertop with the lid on.




Store the bacon grease/fat container on your countertop or in the fridge. As you cook more bacon or back fat, simply add the rendered fat to the pot. Bacon fat comes in very handy for different recipes.


Ideally, purchase your back fat from pasture raised animals that are Nitrate, Nitrite & Additive Free.


Check out my Bacon Mayonnaise recipe for instructions on how to make use of your Bacon Fat.


Kolozsvari is a type of traditional smoked bacon from the Cluj-napoca region of Romania. It crisps up beautifully in the pan. This smoked bacon is nitrate and nitrite-free. You can order this, and other wonderful products, from Eskimo Kitchen in Hungary:



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